The current Board members and Staff member are listed below.

New members are elected at the Annual Meeting in February 2024.

Twisted Root

Kristin Just, President

president [at] vogaco [dot] org

Matt Kottenstette

Matt Kottenstette, Vice President

vicepresident [at] vogaco [dot] org

Michelle Livingston

Michelle Livingston, Treasurer

treasurer [at] vogaco [dot] org

VOGA Secretary

Jim Brett, Secretary

secretary [at] vogaco [dot] org

Cosmos Garden

Matt Springer, Board Member

board [at] vogaco [dot] org

Mark Waltermire

Mark Waltermire, Board Member

board [at] vogaco [dot] org

Soil Not Dirt Farm Facebook image

Katie Hedley, Board Member

board [at] vogaco [dot] org

Emily Hartnett

Emily Hartnett, Program Director

programdirector [at] vogaco [dot] org