Remedios Hemp

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Rachel Schmitzer & Brian Stratton
38895 Fruitland Mesa Rd.
Crawford, CO 81415
@ranchoremedios on Instagram

We are a small batch hemp company located in Crawford, Colorado committed to bringing the highest quality organic CBD hemp products directly from the field to our customers. We love being a small-scale business because it means having more time to dedicate to our products and our customers- making sure everyone gets the medicine they need. The organic Full Spectrum CBD products are uniquely formulated and we are involved in all stages of the production: We grow, produce, design, and market all of our hemp products and most importantly we are the ones you will reach when you have questions and comments.

Cultivating organic hemp has become our livelihood and our passion because of the enthusiasm we have received from the customers whose lives have been changed by our products. Remedios means to remedy, cure, or solve. We believe in the medicine we make. We have time and again seen the powerful results of this anti-inflammatory, anti-psychotic, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and pain-relieving plant medicine. Please reach out to us for more information! Colorado Proud

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