Why Join VOGA?

Supporting VOGA and being a member keep sustainable agriculture strong through marketing, education and community action on issues important to our members.

In addition to publishing the annual Directory, we:

  • Promote our producing members in our Annual Published Directory (4,000 VOGA directories were distributed throughout Colorado last year), on our website, email newsletter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Sponsor “Know Your Farmer” Farm Tours and Farmers Socials
  • Provide workshops, classes, and agricultural education experiences to our community – farmer to farmer
  • Provide Scholarships to our members to attend conferences/workshops
  • Offer Animal Welfare Grants to our members in order to encourage rotational grazing and enable appropriate livestock housing and fencing
Picture of Delicious Orchards pear
  • Sign on to letters and participate in meetings to stem irresponsible oil and gas development in the watershed of our farms
  • Send VOGA representatives to DC to discuss with our elected officials the importance of protecting our air, water, land and agricultural way of life
  • Provide representatives to Delta County Working Groups
  • Participate in Community Events such as the Mountain Harvest Festival, Food and Farm Forum, Art & Ag Tour, and North Fork Community Fair
  • Collaborate with The Learning Council and Slow Food Western Slope to host agricultural related educational events, workshops, and film screenings

VOGA membership begins February 1 of each year, and ends January 31 of the following year.

Membership fee is $35/yr. Printed and website directory listings fee is $50/yr.

Donations above membership are tax deductible and require a separate check to VOGEA.

  • $35 Basic membership — check is made to VOGEA
  • $50 Membership with directory listing — check is made to VOGA
  • $100 – $249 Bronze membership — check is made to VOGEA
  • $250 – $499 Silver membership — check is made to VOGEA
  • $500 + Gold membership — check is made to VOGEA

Beginning in December, return membership form (downloadable pdf form) and fees and mail to: PO Box 614, Hotchkiss, CO 81419 no later than February 28. You can also submit your registration in person at the Holiday and Annual meetings. Another option is to use our on-line form to sign up as well. We greatly appreciate your sponsorship of the organization as we continue to grow and move forward.

The VOGA Member Directory includes certified Naturally Grown and USDA certified organic producers, winegrowers, nurseries, retailers, specialty products suppliers, and farm stay information.

If you’d like to attend one of our monthly meetings, check our Events page for times. We look forward to meeting you.