Deer Tree Farm and Agroforest

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AJ and Nicole Carrillo
10261 3100 Rd.
Hotchkiss, CO 81419
@deertreefarm on Instagram

A new restoration agriculture project pursued by two love birds on Rogers Mesa, Deer Tree Farm produces specialty vegetables, peaches, heritage breed animals, and a diverse array of perennial food crops in our maturing agroforestry system. Nicole and AJ also provide full farm-to-table event catering services, from food to flowers, through their sister company Forage Sisters LLC. To visit or volunteer, just email or call!

Deer Tree Farm and Agroforest

Colorado’s North Fork Valley is well known for its small farms, producing some of the state’s finest fruits, vegetables, and meats. KVNF visited one such small farm in July 2020, Deer Tree Farm near Hotchkiss. It’s owned by AJ and Nicole Carrillo, a couple in their early 30s.

A Visit to an Agroforestry Farm

KVNF Local Motion - Sep 17, 2020