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Medicinal Herbal Meads

May 11-13

Elderberry’s in Paonia, CO

Learn to make traditional honey extractions of various medicinal herbs and berries, then turn them into exquisite semi-sweet and dry meads using the low-heat, slow-aging process. We’ll work with Elderberries, Cherries, Cacao, Ginger, Spruce tips, Juniper berries, and other medicinal herbs and fruits. You’ll get to experience all of the stages of mead-making, including extracting the herbs with honey, selecting and pitching the yeast, and the stages of fermentation, racking, clearing, bottling, and aging. We’ll also sample the herbal meads we started last May! With Lisa Ganora, CSCH Director, and friends. Lisa has been making herbal meads for more than 25 years and combines her love of all things herbal with her skills as an herbal pharmacist and phytochemist.

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Wild Foods Foraging

June 1-3

Elderberry’s in Paonia, CO

Join us for an amazing weekend of foraging and wild foods preparation with herbalist, wildcrafter, and author Briana Wiles and Kat Mackinnon, Director of CSCH’s Rocky Mountain Field Botany course and ancestral skills teacher. With these skilled guides, you’ll learn sustainable harvesting and practical techniques for preparing and cooking with native and naturalized wild foods and local herbs of the Western Slope. Come learn how surprisingly delicious Cattail Ash Cakes can be!

Contact Lisa Ganora for more info.

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Wise Woman Weekend

July 27-29

Elderberry’s in Paonia, CO

Join us on the Full Moon to celebrate and learn the healing powers of traditional medicine plants. We’ll learn directly from the Green teachers themselves and will harvest and prepare our own medicines and health-empowering foods. Explore the intuitive and energetic side of herbalism with a focus on plant communication, using our senses and instincts to understand herbs and health, and celebrating the vitality and sacredness of life on Earth with the Green People!

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